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Your asbestos testing laboratory plays a vital role in safeguarding public health by detecting asbestos in various materials with precision. It specializes in using advanced techniques such as PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy), PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy), and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) methods, ensuring quality control, and fulfilling industry and regulatory reporting requirements.

To carry out these functions effectively, your LIMS must be compliant with regulations such as ISO 17025 and adherent to specific EPA, OSHA, and AHERA standards. That’s why your lab needs BTSOFT’s BTLIMS.

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Key Features of an Asbestos LIMS

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Seamless Asbestos Sample Management

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With BTLIMS, tracking and managing asbestos sample lifecycles from receipt to disposal becomes effortless, guaranteeing lab data integrity and traceability. The software automates key steps including sample registration, barcode generation, and scheduling.

Regulatory Compliance Made Simple

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With a LIMS designed for compliance, BTSOFT helps asbestos laboratories stay in line with all relevant environmental regulations effortlessly. This software can be customized to automated audit trails, electronic signatures, and secure lab data management.

Advanced Quality Control

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BTSOFT’s Asbestos LIMS integrates a quality control module, setting a new standard for precision and accuracy. It monitors analytical performance, manages calibration schedules, and tracks QC samples, providing confidence that your laboratory is consistently delivering reliable results.

Empower Your Asbestos Laboratory with BTSOFT

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Your laboratory requires a razor-sharp focus on accuracy and adherence to the highest quality standards. BTSOFT’s targeted LIMS solution for asbestos testing labs is your ally in successfully achieving these goals. Schedule a free demo to discover how your laboratory operations can soar to new heights with the right LIMS software.

Our Services

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BTSOFT works with you to adapt and integrate our software into your laboratory’s workflow. Each implementation is personalized to your organization’s specific needs.


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BTSOFT offers comprehensive training both on-site and virtually to help you and your team have a comprehensive knowledge of your new system.


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Our support team is available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. CST. We are also happy to set up a virtual screen-sharing session for training or troubleshooting.

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