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Cannabis laboratories face the dual challenge of maintaining rigorous quality while keeping pace with changing regulations. Our LIMS solutions are engineered to simplify these tasks, offering comprehensive support.

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Versatile Cannabis Testing

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From potency analysis to detecting microbial contaminants and everything in between, our software ensures your cannabis laboratory tests are thorough and meet regulatory compliance.

Streamlined Laboratory Workflows

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Enhance your cannabis lab’s productivity with workflows that automate routines. This reduces manual overhead and minimizes the potential for errors.

Quality Control and Compliance

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Keep your cannabis laboratory operations up to date with the latest regulations through real-time limit checking, stability studies, and standard operating procedures. Our software is designed with your commitment to quality control and accurate results at the forefront.

Seed-to-Sale Traceability

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Achieve unparalleled product traceability, tracking samples from the grower through to the dispensary. This level of oversight supports regulatory compliance and builds trust with your clients.

Redefining Efficiency and Precision in Cannabis Lab Operations

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With our LIMS, your laboratory can transform its operational efficiency. Automating critical processes reduces the time from sample intake to reporting, so you can serve more clients and expand your business without sacrificing quality or compliance. When you have the BTSOFT line of software in your lab, you can focus on the things you do best and worry less about legal complexities.

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BTSOFT: Helping Your Laboratory

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Since no two laboratories are the same, our solutions offer customizable options to fit your specific requirements. Whether it’s integrating with existing systems for seamless data flow or scaling to meet growing testing demands, our LIMS will support your lab’s unique workflow.

Schedule a demo to explore how our Laboratory Information Management Systems can transform your cannabis testing processes.

Our Services

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BTSOFT works with you to adapt and integrate our software into your laboratory’s workflow. Each implementation is personalized to your organization’s specific needs.


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BTSOFT offers comprehensive training both on-site and virtually to help you and your team have a comprehensive knowledge of your new system.


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Our support team is available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. CST. We are also happy to set up a virtual screen-sharing session for training or troubleshooting.

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