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Marine monitoring laboratories need precise, reliable data management tools to verify their work. With the right software, these labs can boost efficiency, meet to regulatory standards, and better manage their resources.

With a team of laboratory professionals and software experts, our mission is to deliver innovative, scalable, and efficient Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners worldwide.

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Key Considerations

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Your chosen solution should be able to grow and adapt to your lab’s evolving needs. Whether you’re expanding your testing capabilities, increasing sample volume, or accommodating new regulations, your software must be scalable to support these changes without requiring a complete overhaul.


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A user-friendly interface is essential for minimizing training time and reducing the likelihood of user errors. Look for software with an intuitive design and clear navigation. This will facilitate smooth adoption by your team and support a more efficient workflow.

Integration Capabilities

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Marine monitoring laboratory software should easily integrate with existing systems and instrumentation to streamline data transfer and reduce manual data entry. Integration helps ensure consistency and accuracy across your operations.

Data Accuracy and Traceability

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Accurate data capture and the ability to trace and audit the data trail are important for quality control and compliance. Seek software that offers robust data management features, including audit trails, version control, and secure data storage.

Our Products for Marine Monitoring Labs

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A powerful Laboratory Information Management System that streamlines sample management, data analysis, reporting, and compliance. Perfect for the dynamic environment of marine monitoring labs.


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Simplifies data storage and retrieval, improving data integrity and accessibility for marine monitoring laboratories, where managing large volumes of lab data is crucial.

ALPACA Flutter

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Enhances lab mobility with a versatile platform, allowing marine scientists to access and input data remotely. The result? Real-time data flow and decision-making.


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An electronic Laboratory Notebook that simplifies documentation, experiment design, and data analysis. A system for meticulous record-keeping and data sharing.

ALPACA Inventory

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A comprehensive inventory management system for tracking reagents, samples, and other laboratory items. Your lab maintains optimal stock levels, and everything can be traced.

ALPACA – Tailoring to Your Laboratory’s Needs

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For marine monitoring laboratories seeking to integrate these solutions and experience the benefits they offer, the BTSOFT team is committed to crafting tailored systems that address the specific challenges and goals of your unique operational setup.

Our Services

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BTSOFT works with you to adapt and integrate our software into your laboratory’s workflow. Each implementation is personalized to your organization’s specific needs.


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BTSOFT offers comprehensive training both on-site and virtually to help you and your team have a comprehensive knowledge of your new system.


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Our support team is available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. CST. We are also happy to set up a virtual screen-sharing session for training or troubleshooting.

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