BTLIMS Asbestos

BTLIMS Asbestos edition provides a complete package for any size industrial hygiene laboratory to perform Asbestos in bulks and air samples, Lead in air, and Mold analysis for bulk, swab, and tape samples and mold cassettes.

Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)

BTLIMS PLM data entry module SDMSprovides the functionality allowing your lab to analyze asbestos fibers and non-asbestos fibers in bulk building materials in compliance with ELAP 198.1, 198.6, EPA 600R/93-116 and NOISH methods. The process includes two procedures, Stereomicroscopic Examination and Polarized Light Microscopy. A specifically designed PLM control chart with YouDen Plot can be created to monitor the quality process.

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

BTLIMS PCM Data Entry module SDMS provides the functionality allowing you to analyze filter samples for airborne fibers. It is used mainly for personal samples to meet OSHA requirements and for area samples. The analyst examines a known area of the filter and counts fibers >5 µm long with a length to width aspect ration of >3.1. All fiber types, asbestos and non-asbestos, are counted. Total fiber concentrations are given in Fibers per mm2 of filter area and Fibers per Cubic Centimeter for samples with a known volume.

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

BTLIMS TEM Data Entry module SDMS provides the functionality allowing your lab to analyze both air samples and bulk samples in compliance with the methods of AHERA 40 CFR part 763, NOISH 7402 and ELAP 198.4. Air Sample Methods NIOSH 7402 is intended to be the TEM equivalent of the PCM method, NIOSH 7400, and can be used for both personal and area samples. The PCM method will determine the total fiber concentration, regardless of fiber type. The TEM 7402 method calculates the concentration of each asbestos fiber species and the total non-asbestos fiber concentration.


BTLIMS Mold Data Entry module SDMS provides the functionality to enable your lab to analyze air, tape, bulk, swab and other samples for Mold analysis with viable and non-viable methods. A mold species library with hundreds of mold identities are available for analysts to choose dynamically during the microscopic analysis process. The mold spore images from the library can be attached to a mold report generated for the Client (I think this is what you were trying to say). The Pollen Count, and Total Fungal Spores can be automatically calculated and displayed as soon as a mold ID count is entered.

Lead in Air

BTLIMS Environmental Data Entry module provides the functionality allowing your lab to analyze lead and other regulated metals in air in compliance with EPA and NOISH methods. The sample digestion process and related information can be managed in the Sample Prep Batches form. Pending data entry samples can be retrieved in the SDMS Result Entry form which will automatically create a QC batch and a sequence including all the required QC sample runs. The sample result entry and calculation can be executed in a SDMS template with a complete multiple level data review process.

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