BTLIMS Cannabis

In compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), BTLIMS Cannabis edition provides a complete functionality package allowing your lab to perform all the required tests as following:


Residual Solvents

Heavy Metals



Microbial Assay

Foreign Materials

Water Activity

Moisture Content

BTLIMS Cannabis Key Features

  • Real Time Laboratory Work Status Display in Dashboard
  • Ability to Track the Life Cycle for All Samples
  • Automatic Weight Reconciliation
  • Instrument Integration
  • Barcode Operation
  • Inventory and Supply Tracking
  • Accounting and Invoicing Integration
  • Automatic EDD Report Generation
  • Automatic Custom Report Package Generation
  • Online Service to Client Through Web Portal
  • Support of Remote or Client Sampling
  • Automatic Audit Trial
  • Embedded QA/QC Protocols
  • Tracking Recreational versus Medical Cannabis
  • Automatic Posting to Seed-to-Sale Integration
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