Sample Data Management System

SDMS is Flexible, Customizable, and Configurable

The ultimate success of a LIMS is largely dependent upon its ability to automate the import of raw data. One of the biggest challenges for LIMS suppliers revolves around if and how a LIMS will allow the end users to dynamically create raw data entry templates and report templates while keeping compliance with ISO 17025 and maintaining traceability throughout all directions of the processes. Our SDMS provides such a tool, offering a wide variety of functionality. Due to its dynamic functionality, SDMS may be fully integrated with an existing LIMS or the system may be operated independently without a LIMS in place at all, as its own complete, multi-functional module.

The Effective Way to Record Your Data!

BTLIMS is proud that we are preferred by most of the top research organizations. The vital reason for the client’s trust in us is due to the

Simplicity by which any data or functionality in LIMS can be stored and influenced within any environment.

The all-inclusive interface that
our system holds between any
two devices or

What’s Inside Your SDMS?


Automatic QC Batch Creation

Building Your Own Templates

Scope of

Easy Operation

  • As an excel-like data entry system, the operation is intuitive and little training is needed.
  • Only an authorized user is able to perform certain functions with the role permission setup.
  • There are three levels of data review process as peer review, validation and approval
  • The audit trail module is able to capture the data changes.

Automatic QC Batch Creation

  • It can set the quality control run sequence for number of samples.
  • A QC Batch will be created automatically after pending analysis samples are retrieved.
  • The QC type and calculations are not limited.

Building Your Own Templates

  • You can build your own templates the way you like.
  • The fields can be dynamically added, customized and reused.
  • You can set calculation formulas and parse the data to LIMS database.
  • The built-in data transfer feature allows you to create instrument interface without programming.
  • You can use the report designer to create any reports for the test results.

Scope of Capability

  • The module can be used in both the lab and the field.
  • Being a spreadsheet-based operation, the learning curve is very low.
  • Any industry can utilize SDMS to increase efficiency.
  • With simple sample introduction interface, SDMS can be integrated to other LIMS with ease.
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