Wastewater treatment labs are responsible for collecting varied types of data and must be able to track all of them. If you were to notice an issue with the data that may impact the water treatment process, you’d likely need to sift through all the data to identify where the problem is. This can be a laborious and unproductive process—especially if the data was recorded physically. Implementing ALPACA Micro ELN can be the solution for optimizing your workflow.


Wastewater Treatment Labs: What the Process Involves

Wastewater is any water that has been used commercially, domestically, or in industrial activities and contains various pollutants such as human and animal fecal matter, chemicals, and debris. Wastewater treatment labs analyze and monitor the quality of wastewater before and after it undergoes treatment in a wastewater treatment plant.   

Typically, these labs employ a variety of analytical instruments and methods to measure the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of different samples of wastewater throughout the stages of treatment. Lab personnel will collect representative samples from the influent (raw) and effluent (treated) streams. Then they will measure the various parameters of the sample, such as the pH level, and compile the result into reports. These reports include data analysis and any failures to meet and maintain the necessary regulations and compliance.  

How Micro ELN Makes the Wastewater Treatment Process Easier

Micro ELN (electronic laboratory notebook) combines all your laboratory data into a single, easy-to-use digital platform. This platform facilitates collaboration and analysis while still keeping the data safe and secure. It documents the entire analysis process from start to finish, from collection to reporting.  

When you use a Micro ELN, you are able to store the date, time, location, and pre-treatments performed for each data sample without the inconvenience of physical documentation. You will be also able to keep track of all laboratory activities, data measurements, calculations, and results. By electronically collecting all information, lab personnel can easily search and retrieve details, share them with colleagues, and collaborate on data analysis.  

Finding deviations from regulations of water quality becomes much easier with the Micro ELN’s data organization capabilities. New optimization strategies can be generated and implemented faster due to the flexibility of Micro ELN’s design. 

BTSOFT’s ALPACA Micro ELN: A Solution to Optimizing Your Lab

BTSOFT provides customizable solutions for your lab improving the efficiency and efficacy of your treatment process. Our expertise can help optimize the wastewater treatment lab process, which, in turn, improves the wastewater treatment process overall. BTSOFT’s ALPACA Micro ELN is a tool that will enhance your data collection and analysis. This intuitive and sophisticated software creates easy-to-use dashboards, allowing you to streamline your laboratory process, improve data accuracy and quality, and ensure that the treated wastewater meets regulatory requirements. To learn more about this tool, check out our demo.