BTSOFT is excited to introduce you to Customer Service Manager Victoria Littlepage. Victoria’s experience, skillset, determination, and dedication to our organization make her an incredibly valued member of our team. That’s why we were excited to talk to Victoria about her background, what led her to BTSOFT, and what she experiences in her role here.

1. What is Your Educational and Career Background? 

I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Chemistry from Midwestern State University. After graduating, I worked as a laboratory and field technician and quickly moved up through Chemist IV and to Quality Assurance Manager. After several successful state audits and a LIMS implementation, I moved on to join BTSOFT and serve my former colleagues as BTSOFT’s new Customer Service Manager. As of December 1st, I have been with BTSOFT for 9 months and time has flown by! I have had the honor of working with some of the most diligent and compassionate people—both coworkers and customers.    

2. What is Your Role at BTSoft and What Does it Entail? 

We are a small company, so all of us wear many hats! My business card currently reads “Customer Service Manager.” What does that entail? Well, it entails keeping our customers happy and making sure we hold true to our promises. Some days may look like on-site visits with donuts and ALPACA goodies. On other days, it’s rushing to the airport at 4 AM to catch a flight across the country to carry out a LIMS implementation or spend 4 days at a resort for a trade show. Some of the days turn into nights and you find yourself on a Teams meeting at 12:30 AM with your BOD and the India Team, cracking up about your CEO’s impossibly driven work ethic. In a nutshell, if you’re on our team, you do it all.  

3. What Inspired You to Pursue this Career? 

I was scared. Plain and simple. I am a chemist, and stepping out of the laboratory was horrifying, but I’m so glad that I did. I was inspired by the team I would be joining. I had the pleasure of working alongside BTSOFT as I implemented BTLIMS into the laboratory I previously managed. Their energy, passion, and drive to constantly be better, do better, and make better inspired me to take a chance and make a change.

4. What Made You Choose BTSoft and What Drew You to This Company? 

I saw firsthand what this software can do for a laboratory, and not just for the data but for the people. Like I said, I am a chemist, so I understand the challenges customers face when they don’t have the proper LIMS in place. Once BTLIMS was implemented at the lab, I could see the change in demeanor of the analysts, management, and customers. The tensions fell away and everyone was able to do their jobs better. I wanted to be a part of bringing this relief to as many of my fellow chemists as possible.

5. What Makes BTSoft Special? 

Two things. We are always looking to exceed our own standards: good enough is never good enough. There is always room for improvement. On my first day, Bin Yu (CEO) told me, “Just keep doing the next right thing, that is how we succeed.” That really stuck with me, and I haven’t seen him falter from that mantra in the years I’ve known him. 

As our customer, you can expect us to do what’s right. I love living by these truths in my work life because that’s the kind of person I want to be. Being part of a company that holds these values near and dear is endlessly refreshing.  

6. What Do You Love to Do in Your Free Time? 

Nature. Just be in it. I love the water, hikes, and camping. I have a huge collection of artifacts and different minerals that both my father and I have found along riverbeds and ancient waterways throughout our lifetimes. I also love to garden and host as many pollinators as I can throughout the spring and summer months. I enjoy studying the native flora here in Texas as well as anywhere new that I visit. 

7. What is Something Unique About You That Few People Are Aware of? 

My first profession during college was bartending. A whole different kind of chemistry. I miss my regulars all of the time, those guys and gals paid for my tuition, rent, and fun! But man am I glad that my customers these days aren’t intoxicated!